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10 Ways To Use Podcasts

Podcasting has only been popular in the public eye for a little over two years, but the technology has only recently shifted from early adopters to the rest of us. People are finding a lot of ways to ........ Read More

Business Idea: Podcasts

Podcasts have been popping up all over the Internet in the past year or so. I have come across podcasts on anything from the latest tech gadgets to gardening tips. With millions of listeners out there........ Read More

To See Is To Believe: The Rise Of Video Podcasts

With a user base of well over 20 million listeners, Podcasting may very well continue to gain popularity as video podcasting latches on. Video podcasting is like being on television, only your podcast........ Read More

Podcasts And Copyrights

If you own a brick and mortar business and you play music over the speaker system in your business you are subject to broadcasting (or rebroadcasting) rules that provide for a payment to music licensi........ Read More

Vox Populi: Popular Podcasts On The Net

The overwhelming popularity of portable MP3 players has brought with it all new innovations in using this new technology. The most popular application that has come out recently are podcasts. Podcast........ Read More

Comedy Podcasts

Many podcasts are available to subscribe to and watch in a variety of genres, and one of these is the comedy podcast. Every small scale wannabe writer has a chance to become a comedian through po........ Read More

Business Resource: Business Related Podcasts

Among the many genres or types of podcasts there are some that are have moved beyond the entertainment or plain informational aspect of podcasting (which was very prevalent during its very early years........ Read More

Types Of Music Podcasts

Many music podcasts are available online, distributed by podcasters who want to share their collection with the world. Some of these are distributed by independent musicians, groups or individual........ Read More

Finding Hip Hop Mix Podcasts

Many music podcasts are available online for downloading; if one wanted to find, for instance, a hip hop mix podcast, there are a few sites available to help. The first possibility would be to go........ Read More

What Are Podcasts And How Can They Help Your Business?

So what exactly is a Podcast? The word Podcast gets thrown around a lot these days but what exactly is a Podcast? Think of a podcast as a radio show that you can subscribe to or download at any time........ Read More

Formula D Racing Video Podcasts On Itunes

Are you a fan of Formula D Racing? If you are, there is a good chance that you will enjoy watching the sport, just about any chance that you get. Unfortunately, like many other sports, Formula D R........ Read More

Why There Are Free Podcasts

Podcasting, unlike other media forms, almost never has charges for services, and the vast majority of feed producers distribute free podcasts. This puts at odds with, say, online radio stations, ........ Read More

Funny Bones: Comedy Podcasts On The Net

Podcasts are enjoying a growing popularity all over the world. Its unique delivery system (podcast files in MP3 format being downloaded into computers automatically upon subscription) and the fact tha........ Read More

Podcasts – Entertainment Marketing

The web is being populated by thousands of podcasts. If you want a podcast featuring radio drama you can find one. The same is true for any type of music you want, comedy, poetry and more. Busines........ Read More

Yahoo! Podcasts - Why It Matters To Your Business

What's in it for you? Podcasting is obviously all the rage nowadays. According to I ISP Interland's Summer 2005 Small and Medium-sized Business Barometer, 11% of small business leaders are int........ Read More


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